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Before I started I applied my foundation as normal and set it with loose powder.

What I Used:
FoundationSetting powderEyebrow pencilBlack eyelinerPink eyeshadowBlack eyeshadowRed lipstickWine/dark pink lip liner

Bloodthirsty Joker

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As a break from my text-heavy blogs here is how to contour step-by-step so you can see whats going on. Using the amazing advice from Nicola's post on contouring, decide what shape your face is and what you want to change about it. For example I use a lot of darker contour at my forehead and on my chin t make them look smaller!

Step one:
Skin is clean, moisturized and primed. All ready to go.

Step two: Apply foundation as normal.

Step three: Find where your cheek bones are and where you want to mark with a darker contour colour. You can use a darker foundation or cream bronzer.

Step four: Use the darker foundation to mark the parts of the face that you want to look deeper, more structured or smaller.

Step Five: This looks very harsh so at this point you can blend  everything a bit, or you can do so after the next step.

Step Six: In a triangle shape apply a lighter colour (concealer) under your eyes and on the high points on your face.

Step Seven: Blend, blend blend.

Step Eight: Set everything using a transparent loose powder and reinforce the darker contouring with a bronzer or darker powder. Apply blusher.

Step Nine: Apply the finishing touches such as eye makeup and lipstick.

To find a professional Mobile Make-up Artist in
Dublin | Galway | Cork | Limerick 

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